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On his debut album, the dog tape, Portland-based songwriter Alexei Shishkin conjures the kind of homespun, weirdo pop songs that aren’t easily ignored or forgotten. And even still, they’re nearly all impossible to pin down. The songs float effortlessly in a stoned daze, but they also draw into an almost sinister backdrop. It’s effect is both immediate and distant, giving the songs a strange, but enduring dissonance. And what grounds the record is Shishkin himself. Even at his most direct, his voice never raises above a lackadaisical drawl, which he uses to his advantage, haunting his own songs and the memories that have created them. While his lyrics remain understated throughout, he’s able to stitch together a tapestry of past lives and hard truths in his own distinct way. Forged Artifacts is honored to release this collection of songs both digitally and on limited edition chrome tapes.