Alexei Shishkin - 'Yucca Street' [CS]

Alexei Shishkin - 'Yucca Street' [CS]


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"Alexei Shishkin’s melodies are the stuff of bittersweet grey days—soothing and pensive, with deep, sultry vocals and lyrics that are at times laced with a light ennui. The Portland import established himself as a figure in the lo-fi alternative bracket roughly a year back, releasing the dog tape with Forged Artifacts and garnering attention for his diminutive and inviting malaise pop.

Now he’s back with the same label, a familiar vibe, and a new album, which will be bestowed upon us in digital and chrome cassette forms, because Alexei is a '90s throwback in more ways than one. Yucca Street is an eleven-track synthesis of Alexei’s lethargic baritone, deft guitar strumming (which sways between straightforward and blues-funky), and his wandering—and often angst-ridden—inclinations." - Kelly Kirwan, Thrd Coast

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