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"The garage punk trio from Minneapolis kick all sorts of ass and take names while they’re at it. On “Who’s To Say,” the lead single from their upcoming album Bake Sale Hotties, the band stomps the fuzz pedal to the floor, down through the stage, and into the basement. Wearing their riot grrl influences proudly on their sleeve, The Bombshells aren’t so concerned with reinventing a familiar sound as much as they are setting it ablaze and roasting marshmallows over it. “Call her a bitch and she’ll say thank you!” they scream on the track, leaving haters choking in a glitter-filled dust cloud." - Ian Stanley, PORTALS

"Don’t mistake Bake Sale Hotties for an after-school special, however. There’s an undercurrent of angst, especially visible on the spooky “Blood Boils,” drawn from the often frustrating experience of being a woman under 21 just trying to play a damn show. The Bombshells have to jump through a variety of hurdles just to get a gig, and when they arrive, there’s a split chance they’ll get heckled, catcalled, and then given the boot the second after they unplug so the bar can avoid liability." - City Pages