Wild Firth - 'Lawn Memory' [CS]

Wild Firth - 'Lawn Memory' [CS]


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Minneapolis’ Wild Firth are set to release their sophomore album, Lawn Memory, on April 26th via the ever dependable Forged Artifacts Records (Lawn, Graham Hunt, Mr. Husband). The record is a razor sharp blast of pop accessibility, krautrock repetition, and breezy indie melodies. The familiarity is immediate and while the band are new to most, there’s something about the record that feels as though you’ve been listening your whole life.

Lead singles “Eyes” and “Girl” each make good on the band’s ability to be simultaneously dreamy and ripping. “Eyes” is awash with floating textures, background vocals that stretch out infinitely beneath the smooth-as-eggs lead vocals. The fuzzy jangle is paired together with a driving tempo, one that always feels on the verge of exploding into dense shoegaze or a colossal hook, but the band, led by Will Fraser, keep a delicate balance that warps and swells without shaking their structure. Meanwhile album closer “Girl” burns down a hypnotic path, the vocals radiantly skipping between soft coos and casual howls that keep it cool as the song winds forward into the swirling dust of its own joyously repetitive nature.” - Post-Trash

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