Platinum Boys - 'Future Hits' [CS]

Platinum Boys - 'Future Hits' [CS]


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In 2015, after years of eating irony for all three meals and as a nightcap, one must take a leap of faith and assume that an act like Platinum Boys genuinely like to party down. They are from Milwaukee afterall, so it’s not like they haven’t been consuming beer spillover along with flouride since they first learned how to brush their teeth, which, from the sounds of this debut LP, Future Hits, was about two years ago. Featuring former members of regional dust-ups like Catacombz, Rio Turbo and the Fatty Acids, it’s not all just riff-chug. The band can bring it down to scruffy love ballads (Wild Child), noodle-boogie (Ride Free) and of course straight-up Ramones-ing (Cruisin’ USA). So maybe it is all just riff-chug, plus lyrics like, “In the back of a car, you show me who you are” to boot, and so be it. - Eric Davidson, CMJ

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