Mr. Husband - 'Ocean Pines' [CS]

Mr. Husband - 'Ocean Pines' [CS]


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Dearest listener and good friend, 

I could tell you the story of this record a few different ways. I could tell you about a perfect day I spent with my wife and my dog surfing on a beach filled with wild horses and I could tell you about a cool evening bungalow on the eastern shore of Maryland where I wrote the title track in 2017. I could tell you about a 25-cent used Hawaiian record I bought at goodwill in 2005 which started an obsession with steel guitar and vocal harmonies in Hawaiian music and it’s fraternal twin early - country/western music. I might also tell you about the brutally cold month of January 2018 where I spent every evening after work in the attic of my house in Frederick hunched over a 4-track recording this music to damaged tapes that had been stored in my hot garage for over a decade and were always threatening to self-destruct. But I think what I suspect that I might really want to tell you is that these songs are really places, little locations that were too precious to me and most were kept private for over 5 years or more. It means a lot to me to share these with you and I hope you feel something when you listen. Thank you. 

Your brother in friendship and wonderment, 

Kenneth Husband 
But that’s Mr. Husband to YOU. 

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