Molly Drag - 'Thumper' [CS]

Molly Drag - 'Thumper' [CS]


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“Though Hansford's lyrics evoke the morose, there's an undercurrent of hopefulness that, just maybe, light can be found in suffering.” - Salvatore Maicki, The Fader

“Molly Drag invokes a theatrical and intimate energy with all of their releases, though this can lead to issues in branching out from such a straightforward, niche of “mood music”. However, Thumper expands on that sound and pairs it with a kind of episodic narrative experience that transforms those moments of drowsy ambiance into a vehicle for storytelling. There are frequent, recurring references to the cold, freezing, and snow found in the songs that establish the album’s theme, as well as the various song titles that lend to the cold imagery, like “Warm Song” and “Frostbite”. Thumper is sort of like a musical spirit quest through the Arctic, punctuated by ghostly voices and deeply stirring instrumentals.” - Post-Trash

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