Graham Hunt - 'Leaving Silver City' [CS]

Graham Hunt - 'Leaving Silver City' [CS]


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If I had to guess, Graham Hunt—whose band Midnight Reruns has been compared to The Replacements so relentlessly that I always feel guilty doing it myself, even if there’s no resisting it—is probably one of those guys who prefers The Replacement’s divisive final records to the uncontroversial early ones. His new solo album Leaving Silver City (the title, presumably, a nod to his recent relocation from Milwaukee to Chicago) is spackled with the overzealous production flourishes of the late ’80s and very early ’90s that made the music of that era sound quite unlike anything else, with boxy drums crowding the space usually reserved for guitars. It’s a gambit, to be sure, but if you have any affection for pre-Nevermind alt-rock, it’ll trigger a visceral nostalgia.” - Shepherd Express

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