Blue Wilson - 'Younger' [CS]

Blue Wilson - 'Younger' [CS]


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Blue Wilson is the solo recording project of LA’s Michael Stevenson, who is set to release a new EP, Younger, this autumn with our friends at Forged Artifacts. You might know Stevenson as part of fellow Forged Artifacts band Small Forward, whose album Affections came out in 2017, and the Blue Wilson sound could certainly be said to draw upon the sunny, psych-tinged rock of the band.

That said, Stevenson uses Blue Wilson to explore within this field, marking the project as a notable venture in its own right. The sound has something of a lo-fi sheen, though maintains the kind of tropical warmth that fosters such a relaxed vibe. As such, the tone is pitched somewhere between contented and nostalgic, sun-warmed and spacious, yet always casting its gaze backwards to a time now gone.” - Various Small Flames

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