ahem - 'Chutes and Ladders' [CS]

ahem - 'Chutes and Ladders' [CS]


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“In October 2016, ahem landed on our radar, tunneling out of their "bunker" with one of the most energized and exciting takes on garage rock we had heard in recent memory. And after far too long of a wait, the band has officially announced their next EP: Chutes and Ladders out June 22 on Forged Artifacts. "Air Supply" is our first official listen of the record, the single beginning with the band's signature voracious, animated guitar. The buzz is unrelenting in this one, whether it's coming from swinging strings or booming, endless percussion. Although the instrumentals are a highlight, with the band proving that there's sill innovation to be had in this genre, it's the band's lyrics that really make them unique. "Air Supply" paints a vivid picture of freedom that comes with doing new things that are often outside of someone's comfort zone, including climbing a little higher in a familiar tree, and ditching the map to find a different direction. It's a celebration of being alive, a two-minute party that makes a remarkable impact.” - Lauren Rearick, The Grey Estates

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