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Young Sunset, the debut album from Minneapolis psych pop shaman Rupert Angeleyes, is very much a navigation through the trenches of love – both found and lost. Over the course of 10 tracks, Rupert mules over the pros and cons of a current relationship, eventually choosing his independence and 6-string for the time being. And while these songs play out from an understandably first person perspective, the frustration, euphoria and desires we feel from love are entirely universal and present throughout. Even when times get tough for Rupert - and he all but throws up his white flag for mercy - the songs never fall below anything less than pure pop pleasure. Wielding a vintage formica, warped guitars and classic pop song structures, this is an album that tips its hat at influences while melding them into their own sonic universe. There's a certainly a sadness running through Young Sunset – named so to signify the beginning of the end of the relationship - but what sticks is its air of irreverence. The self-loathing lows are met with optimistic highs. And while Rupert may have gave up believing in love for a short while, as he begins his new journey to the west coast, he's happy to report that he does, in fact, believe in it once again.