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"The secret weapon wielded by these raucous Twin Cities power-poppers is their wicked-fingered lead guitarist, who I note is also playing entire sets wearing black sunglasses. His skills are most evident on the title track, but he brings plenty of liquid light to the Jam-influenced "I Need You" and the jangly, sweet-voiced "Bow Down." The standout on this six-song clear-red cassette is "Show and Tell," which, with its instant sing-along chorus, is as memorable as the Records' "Starry Eyes" of NRBQ's "I Want You Bad," two classics of the genre." - High Times

"The four piece took some songwriting cues from the Big Book of 70s/early 80s New Wave Bangers, and then twisted their own punky takes onto tracks like "Bow Down" and "Show and Tell". This is guitar music made for high kicks." - Noisey

"A fraught and unruly blast of guitar-pop, all gritty guitars and suitably unkempt vocals that fling themselves across every
inch of the tracks' succinct running time." - Gold Flake Paint