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When a past band break-up threatened to derail Clara Salyer, she decided it was time for a change. That's when she traded in her Softies records for Sebadoh and began trading in heavier, scrappier guitar fuzz with Prissy Clerks. After teaming up with Howard Hamilton, Dylan Ritchie, Tim Leick and Emily Lazear, Salyer began pouring over the songs that would become Prissy Clerks' debut album, Bruise or Be Bruised. Over 11 tracks - co-produced by Brent Sigmeth and Ali Jafaar - the band rips through tightly wound pop songs that bring the listeners into Salyer's fragile self-conscious. It's a reverb-heavy, emotional journey that flashes between dark isolation and uncharted, hopeful beginnings. Forged Artifacts is excited to deliver Bruise or Be Bruised on 12" cyan blue vinyl.