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At the present, there are few bands, if any, in the Twin Cities who are able to match the chaotic and unpredictable live shows put on by the bombastic five-piece Nice Purse. Originally a basement project spearheaded by singer/guitarist France Camp and guitarist Ian Nygaard, their latest offering, Slumber Girls, shows the group expanding on their modest, folk-leaning beginnings into something more full-bodied and furious. Not surprising, the ramshackle tracks are able to bottle their unrelenting live energy while also displaying their knack for harmonies and whimsical pop songwriting. While the songs feel as though they could combust at any second, they survive by their tightly wound melodies and punchy execution. With our inaugural release, Forged Artifacts is grateful to bring you Slumber Girls on limited 180gm 12" 45rpm vinyl.