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“My songwriting is very primitive in the sense that I haphazardly stumble through melodies, trying many different combinations of things until I find something that fits,” says Lattice Moore of his weird, warped and often wonderful new album, Spilt. And it’s a sentiment that makes total sense as you journey through Spilt; a haphazard collection of strained and burned-out jams that seem to shift in the changing light, from one second to the next.

“I started making recordings halfway through my first year at school,” he says of the record. “Constructing songs out of little parts was really fun, and hearing my voice and my instruments played back to me was strange and alienating but also very satisfying. In that way, my recordings have been an insular project from the start.” Insular is perhaps the perfect summation of Spilt. Released via the brilliant Forged Artifacts label, the new album is a distinctly subdued affair, small, faint songs that positively drip with nightly isolation, like blurred secrets to be hidden from the cold light of day.

Informed by that distinctly-American, lofi guitar-pop, aesthetic, the record mostly follows a familiar path, drifting between grainy strums and the more robust pop songs that propel the record through any stagnations that might’ve occurred. To cherry-pick specific tracks would be somewhat counterintuitive, for Split undoubtedly works best when taken as one, meandering whole; a blurred but no-less compelling document of one persons isolated workings. “In making something I myself wanted to listen to,” adds Lattice Moore, “I think the end product is a pretty personal album that I’m also excited to share with others.” - GoldFlakePaint

Matt Linden