Observer Drift's sophomore album is here! Listen to Fjords at the link below. We're really digging this album and we're sure you will too. Will there be a vinyl release? Maybe, maybe not. For now, enjoy the album in all its glory. 

Listen to Fjords : HERE

A note from Collin:

"This is my second full length album and its title is Fjords. In many ways I believe that it is very different from Corridors, but at the same time very much alike. The drive and influence behind the songs strongly relate to those of Corridors. These themes will never be erased from my music because they have influenced my life so much that I couldn't possibly stop writing about them. Fjords is about growth and change. Exploring the unexplored and seeking new vantage points. I think that each song stands for itself and has a separate message rather than contributing to an overall theme. I would try to tell you what each song is about and what actually inspired each one, but that is something I do not even completely know yet. I wrote all these songs as they came to me without stopping to question what they meant or why they existed in my head. So with that said, maybe you can help me with revealing what they mean by listening to them and providing yourself with an explanation of your own. With time and aging, perhaps each song will reveal itself."

Matt Linden