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Throughout the storied musical history of Snuffaluffgus, principal songwriter/mastermind Chris Braciszewski has dabbled in everything from folk tales involving human and animal connectivity (Aminals), Brazilian tropicalia and bossa nova movements (Brazil Wood Poetry), and free form jazz explorations (Magical Realism). Functioning both as conceptual creation and collective collaboration, Snuffy has played host to a revolving door of musicians and innovators, all the  while keeping Braciszewski as its singular, spiritual center. Each release has shown Braciszewski and company stretching the limits of genre and space to create wholly new experiences at each turn.

On their latest effort, Port of the Galaxy, Snuffaluffagus take on themes both unanswerable and universal, involving deep space and human existence. The eight song synth odyssey will take listeners on a futuristic, meditative journey that flashes from apocalyptic dread ("Epoch Calypso") to exuberant wonder ("So Say So"). Taken as a whole, Port of the Galaxy may be the band's most realized and expansive effort. We are excited to release this intergalactic collection on digital and vinyl formats. 

Listen to the title track "Port of the Galaxy" : HERE


Matt Linden