We are very, very excited to announce we've teamed up with our label buds Chill Mega Chill on their annual Halloween compilation, The CHILLER. For the 4th installment - The Chiller IV: Night Of The Living Chill - we've gathered 20 bands from out respective rosters to deliver their best Halloween-inspired tracks. This is seriously one of the coolest releases we've been apart of and we're incredibly stoked with how it all turned out. The special edition two-cassette tape packages will include one tape of New Treats (the tracks from this year's edition) and one tape of Old Tricks (20 of the best track from previous years). They will also come with collectible trading cards, die cut stickers and other goodies. Pick one (or three) up!!! Head over to The Fader to stream Ricky Eat Acid's contribution, "Death Without Reward". 

Stream Ricky Eat Acid's track: HERE

Pre-order a cassette package: HERE

Matt Linden