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"A whispery blot of distorted guitar sits in the back of the track like refrigerator hum, which Pollie harmonizes wordlessly, giving a few extra layers to the song. This is bedroom-pop, for sure, emerging from the teeming netherworld of four-track recordings and small-press tapes. You can hear the ghosted smudges of previous tracks haunting the edges like bad memories." - Jayson Greene, Pitchfork

"She Came Through (Again)” is our first taste from that album...It’s amazing what the song accomplishes with so little, conveying more through atmosphere than its repetitive, bare-bones lyrics. You can feel the emotion in Pollie’s inflection and that can do more than words ever could. It’s a simultaneously comforting and gloomy track, heavy and light in all the right places." - James Rettig, Stereogum