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"Theo Jacobson has been putting out scratchy bedroom demos under the name Lattice Moore since around this time last year. They’ve all been the kind of moody and insular music that you’d expect to hear coming out of such an environment, and “Superused,” the first single from his upcoming debut album Spilt, keeps to form. It begins with a sputtering drum machine that gives away to a deep groove centered by Jacobson’s deep-throated voice. “Please don’t say sorry/ Don’t tell me that you’re sad,” he opens, pulling a classic “don’t mean what you say” maneuver, though it’s a little more nuanced than that: “I’ll stay here long enough to find out,” he says later, a touching declaration of devotion that relies on trust and communication. Unlike the drawn-out conversation he’s bound to have with whomever it’s addressed to, the song is short but impactful." - Stereogum