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Always accepting demos. Please send linked music to the emails above. No attachments, no physical demos. Thanks! We love working with brand new bands. Sharing is caring.  


Digitally by: Frenchkiss Label Group

Physically by:

Big Love Records (JAPAN) / Dead Media (MN) / Eclipse Records (MN) / Electric Fetus (MN) / The Exclusive Company (WI) / Frenchkiss Label Group (NY) / Hymie's Vintage Records (MN) / Origami Vinyl (CA) /Permanent Records (IL) / Roadrunner Records (MN) / Rushmor Records (WI) / Solid State (MN) / Tape School (JAPAN) / Total Drag (SD) / Treehouse Records (MN) / Waltz (JAPAN) / ZZZ Records (IA)

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