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The post-punk revival in the early 2000s gave us a handful of excellent bands and a million lesser knockoff groups. There were a few great bands with great first records, but they all petered out lamely and none have released anything particularly groundbreaking this decade. That sound and scene has largely faded from view, but some musicians are still carrying the torch, like excellent LA-based songwriter Iles (think "Miles" without the "M"). Iles's song "In Tents" is from his upcoming record, Apartments, and its twisting lead guitar and songwriting nods to Walkmen-inspired 00s rock. It took Iles six years to finish Apartments, so maybe he's not intentionally reviving a past era—maybe he's just really late to the party. - VICE

"Los Angeles based artist Iles definitely speaks lo-fi bedroom as a language, but I’m not convinced it’s his native tongue. The sound of his standout single “Little Notes” can’t quite be contained by that genre label alone. It’s lofty, and is instantly catchy, begging for repeat plays. The lo-fi simplicity of the track is only something the carefully crafted and hypnotizing song wears as a way of making it more accessible." - PORTALS