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"Garage rock can be excruciatingly boring. It's always the same chords, the same swung beats, and the same skinny dude in Vans running through a reverb pedal. That said, there are sparks of genius in the garage rock genre—Black Lips and Thee Oh Sees both maintain Americana wild west spirit alive in the garage rock genre, which is otherwise basically just bad pop music with body odor and tattoos. France Camp follows in the lineage of Black Lips. They don't need to reinvent the wheel, but they're good at playing with established tropes in smart ways." - VICE

"A really sunny bit of psychedelic pop is coming from Minneapolis’ France Camp. “Marisha,” the first single off their upcoming album Purge, surfs forward through old time rock n’ roll riffs and blues-tinged vocals, bursting at the seams with a casually cool warmth. Sticking to high quality basics, the chorus churns on a longing repetition of the sweet girl’s name in a slightly hazy, infectious take on psychedelic pop." - The Wild Honey Pie