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Coming off their brash full length, Friends, earlier this year, New York band Earl Boykins are back with a new short collection of songs entitled, Everybody Likes Dogs. And while the former release relied on squall and furious intensity, this extended play takes a more steadied and clear-eyed approach for members Alex Antiuk and Noah Bowman. Offering a more melodic, mature and cleaned-up side of the band, the duo has written their most mature and assured collection of songs to date. Pulling back previous layers fuzz, it's songs like the quiet reflection of “Idaho” and the skittering, chiming guitars of “Lance Armstrong” and “Hair” that show a band unafraid to organically take their music to a new places and sounds. But make no mistake, Earl Boykins is still a that band displays a special kind of earnestness and youthful energy in their music. It's the kind of music that doesn't care if you listen or not, because it'll have fun with or without you either way. And that's perhaps Earl's most enduring quality of all. Forged Artifacts is proud to release Everybody Likes Dogs digitally and on cassette tape.