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"It takes approximately 50% of the opening track on Cheap Fantasy’s new EP to get fully hooked in. Beginning as something of a dimmed stutter, the track gradually, assuredly, builds itself up in to a gorgeously hazy pop song, each slightly wilted line delivered with a soft glow that feels like something; like change, perhaps, or the idea of it at least.

The opening track on the new EP from former the former Frankie Teardrops man, “Life Of Glass” is a gorgeous opening point for his latest work, a space where playful percussion dips in and out focus as the warm run of guitars and keys roll on for a near five-minute journey. The rest of the EP is equally alluring, Jordan Bleau’s vision – part sun-drenched half-thoughts, part nostalgic book of memories – brought to life with an elegance that often doesn’t go hand-in-hand with music of this ilk. Both that opening track and its follow-up “Chain In The Night” showcase the guitar-led pop found on the EP, but central track “Glisten” is a gorgeous side-swipe; a Drive soundtrack-esque sweep of synths and half-buried vocals that seem to hover like a city at night." - Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint