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Canopies' debut album Maximize Your Faith is a cerebral nudge pressing you to take that next cosmic leap, whatever it may be. Built upon a foundation of propulsive drums and layered atop crystalline synths and warping guitars, the songs have a natural sonic trajectory of outward motion, pushing and stretching themselves to their limits.

To chase every sound in their head without any time constraints, the band holed up for almost two years in their own studio located in an old water-side warehouse. Heavily influenced by the sounds from an arsenal of malfunctioning vintage synthesizers, dubbed the “synth graveyard,” the album embodies the spirit of working within the band’s earthly limitations to achieve a greater astral vision.

Lyrically, the tracks are an exercise in introspective therapeutic meditation, grappling with the perception of self, those close to us and how those relationships change over time. Canopies' debut is bold and sure-footed; an uncompromising document of ambition and ideas realized. Have faith, indeed. Available on both vinyl and digital formats, Forged Artifacts is excited to invite you on a sublime journey to the edge of possibility.